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What is Back?

Designed to help companies create a great employee experience, Back gives employees a one-stop shop for all work-related matters.

Internal knowledge base

An internal knowledge base is like a digital library for your businesses information and processes. 

It’s a collection of documentation that covers a wide range of topics from company culture, values and processes, to employee benefits, team structures, rituals, market research, lists of tools, instructional guides and more. 

The aim of an internal knowledge base is to help employees find answers to help them work more efficiently. Documenting answers to common questions speeds up getting an answer, and also saves time for people who would have to respond to the questions over and over again. 

A knowledge base should be easy to navigate and find the right information, but they can get overwhelming quite quickly. There are a lot of tools and software out there to host or build your knowledge base, with features that make it more user friendly and easier to navigate. 

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