Employee service, reimagined

Provide great employee experiences within seconds. Make it easier than ever for your employees to get support from the right person. Get all your workplace requests under control in one place, with no hassle.

Everything you need, in one app

Designed for collaboration

Team up with colleagues and work more closely with other teams. Easily reroute work that arrived in the wrong inbox. No friction in communication at all.

Supports your favorite apps

Each team has their favorite apps. Our integrations with today’s most popular and trusted tools allow your employees to stick to theirs, while you keep an overview.

Works out of the box

Follow the natural workflow of your team and get running within minutes with our easy setup. Enjoy a software that adapts to your processes and isn’t a pain to maintain.

Made to save time

Employee and workplace requests can be very repetitive. Focus on what matters while we get the repeated things out of your way with our clever automation.

Say hello to a new workplace experience

Create better transparency for employees and save everyone’s time with fewer follow-ups. Keep track of your teams’ workload and get recognized for your great work with our insights. You’ll leave the office feeling accomplished every day.

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