The one-stop shop for employee needs

With Back, employees can quickly find answers, reach someone on your team, and solve common workplace tasks. All within Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat.

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Hiring manager receives help on a visa process in Slack

A concierge for your employees

Give your people a single point of contact, right in their favorite communication tool.

  • Easy access to self-service and personal support

  • Let an HR chatbot answer common questions

  • No additional login for employees


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Google Chat
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Stay on top of all requests

Finally, a unified workspace for all your policies, processes, and employee requests.

  • Assign, prioritize and track requests

  • Keep track of projects across teams

  • Work smarter with custom views


JIRA Service Management
Track employee requests in a Kanban view

Automate your workflows

Ensure consistency and compliance throughout the employee lifecycle. Document your workflows and let automation do the heavy lifting for you.

Workflow: BambooHR profile created leads to Create project with tasks for IT, HR and Finance leads to Send form to collect bank details from Margot
Back knowledge base

Make knowledge accessible

Don't waste time on questions that already have an official answer.

  • Build your knowledge base in Back

  • Suggest answers with an employee chatbot

  • Turn your responses into help articles



Reporting and insights

Create transparency and optimize your team's processes with data.

  • Understand your workload

  • Track service levels over time

  • Identify request trends


Reporting showing data about employee requests solved