Enabling you to focus on what you do best

The digitalization of the workplace promised to make work better for humans. But instead of removing distractions it multiplied them. We set out to fix that.

The future of work was supposed to be bright

The advent of computers, the internet, and digital communication channels enabled us to break from old work structures. Many existing tasks moved to the digital realm, and new ways of communicating and collaborating enabled us to work together, regardless of location and timezone. The possibilities seemed endless.

Reality doesn’t measure up

New tools were supposed to help us focus on what we do best — the work itself. But instead, we are more distracted than ever. Finding or filing a piece of information can be time consuming, as everything is scattered throughout various systems. Getting help for a problem from the right colleague isn’t trivial, as different teams often use different tools and processes. We’re still doing a lot of the work computers should’ve taken over long ago.

A new focus

At the same time, companies are starting to put more emphasis on the employee experience. The fight for talent has made companies introduce all kinds of perks, as they realized a desk and a chair is not enough to convince candidates anymore. But are ping pong tables and catered lunches the right way to retain employees, or is it the quality of work they’re able to do? We believe it’s the latter. That’s why we started Back.

Let’s get Back to work

We provide employees with an always-on concierge to get help and information from anyone and anywhere. We understand that yet another tool is the last thing employees want. That’s why Back integrates with their preferred communication channels, be it Slack or Email, so that help is available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

We’re hiring

If you work best when you can think, work and create solutions independently, we’d love to hear from you.