Manage absence requests effortlessly

Make leave management a no-brainer for you and your employees while automating recurring policy questions.

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leave and absence management platform
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More clarity, fewer questions

Put information about leave-related policies and benefits at your employees’ fingertips.

Hassle-free request experience

Enable employees to request time off and track the status. Right in Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat.

Standardized, efficient admin

Apply absence rules consistently across your workforce and spend less time on tedious workflows.

integrations with HR and communications systems

Unify your internal tech stack

Back makes the systems you love even more powerful and accessible. We seamlessly connect your data, conversations, and workflows.

integrations with HR and communications systemsintegrations with HR and communications systems

More ways to use Back

Ensure smooth operations and great experiences across the employee lifecycle. With Back, smart automation always does the heavy lifting for you.

Employee onboarding

Spend less time on administrative onboarding tasks and get new hires excited about their role.


Track and manage all payroll issues in one place while providing automated support to employees.

Purchases & expenses

Manage purchases and expense requests, track approvals, and keep everyone in the loop.

The secret behind the best people operations teams

Our product specialists will be happy to take you on a tour and answer any questions about Back.

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