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Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy employees are with their experience at work.

Companies run employee satisfaction surveys to better understand how well their internal products and services (incl. software, policies, programs, processes, etc.) meet employees’ needs and desires.

To make them actionable, satisfaction surveys typically look at specific aspects of the employee experience, such as satisfaction with the physical work environment, offered benefits, onboarding process, HR support, etc. Combining the satisfaction score with open-ended questions adds a qualitative component that often provides more value teams than a purely quantitative score.

Employee satisfaction can be measured on a pre-defined schedule (e.g. as part of weekly pulse surveys) but also “in the moment” (e.g. right after an HR issue was resolved).

When changes in satisfactions scores can be attributed to changes in the work environment, they serve as a way to measure the impact of People & Culture initiatives.

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