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Employee engagement

Employee engagement refers to the level of commitment and emotional involvement employees have with the organization they work for.

High employee engagement rates are associated with increased performance and staff retention. That’s why it’s a key focus of many business leaders and HR teams.

The first step to improving employee engagement is measuring it. For that purpose, companies run engagement surveys, or pulse surveys, that consist of questions like “How likely are you to recommend this company as a place to work?” or “I am motivated to go beyond what I would in a similar role at another company.”

Drivers of employee engagement depend from company to company. Common drivers include a clearly articulated company vision, open leadership communication, frequent feedback, access to growth opportunities, and value alignment between the employee and the organization, just to name a few. One study by Culture Amp found that the top three employee engagement drivers are 1) learning and development, 2) leadership, and 3) service and quality focus.

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