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Introducing our Personio integration: Employee data at your fingertips

Introducing our Personio integration: Employee data at your fingertips

Screenshot showing employee data from Personio in Back

Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with Personio, allowing teams to solve employee requests even faster. Relevant context is now visible in Back, right where your internal experts from HR, IT, Finance, Legal, and other teams need it.

Personio and Back are a powerful duo. As one of Europe’s leading HRIS vendors, Personio simplifies a wide range of core HR tasks. With Back, we help employees and internal service teams solve requests more efficiently while keeping the human touch.

On a joint mission to make time for what really matters, we’re thrilled to partner with Personio. We share a common belief: People teams have more important things to work on than managing administrative chaos and manual processes.

Employee management done right

A big part of efficient employee management is self-service. But many requests still need experts from teams like People Ops, IT, or Finance involved. To resolve those requests with ease, you need to have context about employees readily available.

Maybe you want to ask their manager for approval on an expense. Or you’re searching for an employee’s office location to send a new laptop to the right place. And at every onboarding, other team members need to give them access to the right tools. With Back and Personio, this information is always at your fingertips.

Resolve requests faster with the right context

Until now, ticketing systems were designed for IT teams and lacked integrations into core HR systems. For People teams that simply means more manual work.

To gather all relevant information to resolve a request, you would need to switch to the HR system, find the employee’s profile, and then return to your ticketing system or email inbox. This context switching is not only annoying but also a big waste of valuable time. Especially if your team needs to repeat these steps for every new request.

With our Personio integration, the employee’s profile is one click away. It shows all the essential details, like their role, team, location, manager, or hiring date. Gone is the need to switch between different tabs – you can focus on a great employee experience instead.

But it’s not only HR teams that benefit from our HRIS integration. Teams like IT, Finance, or Legal will find useful information as well. IT teams save time by having the supervisor’s email at hand to approve the Macbook upgrade. And Finance teams can immediately see the employee’s payment data.

Screenshot showing employee data from Personio in Back

Empower your employees with self-service

The rise of workplace chat and remote work has led to a higher workload for People Ops teams. In response, many companies are looking to adopt HR chatbots and intuitive systems. The idea is that employees can resolve many topics on their own.

However, setting up dedicated bots and feeding them with pre-written FAQs and data takes time that a lot of People Ops teams don’t have. With Back, it’s easy to provide your employees with an always-on assistant on Slack. Your knowledge base in Back grows as you use the product and respond to repetitive questions.

Our integrations with HRIS providers like Personio help your employees find the easiest way to get help. Be it to check how many vacation days they have left or to change their bank details. You can set up policies and link them to your Personio account. On top, our chatbot can also tell your employees specific information like their remaining holidays directly on Slack.

Streamlining processes with workflows

The best People teams are on top of their requests and have a lean set of processes and workflows in place. Naturally, they’re in the market to buy the best software for various areas of the business. Examples are employee record keeping, applicant tracking, payroll automation, and employee service.

Unfortunately, after setting up a best-of-breed software stack, teams have to navigate siloed systems that don’t keep critical data in sync. Back set out to provide an integrated system that runs workflows for you, so that you don’t have to follow them manually.

With our integration between Back and Personio, we’re enabling teams to set up workflows triggered by Personio data. Having employee data readily available in Back makes it easy to work, without all the copy and paste.

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