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Introducing Back

Introducing Back

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Today, we’re introducing Back to help internal service and business operations teams in fast-growing companies to reduce the chaos of incoming requests and repetitive workflows.

In recent years we’ve seen workplaces become more and more complex. The war for talent, remote working, and a new way of communication create a new reality for many companies. The increased use of software in the workplace was supposed to help us focus on what we do best — the work itself. But instead, we are more distracted than ever. Finding or filing a piece of information can be time-consuming, as everything is scattered throughout various systems.

So why building Back?

Having built some of the leading software companies in Europe, like Typeform, Contentful, Fyber, and Minodes, we’ve witnessed first hand what the data showed: an employee spends around 20% of their time looking for internal help, while internal support teams like HR, Finance, IT and others lose countless hours per week on manual workflows and ever-repeating questions.

From simple questions about policies, lost payslips to approving hardware purchases, when you need someone else’s help, it can be hard to get. With good reason: Teams today are stuck with a range of internal ticketing solutions that were built solely for IT operations, are clunky and hard to use, and since there is no native support of modern communication channels like Slack or MS Teams they quickly become siloed black boxes inside organizations.

That’s why we decided to build Back. We wanted to re-think how employee experience can be delivered inside forward-thinking companies, with the help of modern technologies.

What is Back?

Back is a collaboration and automation platform that enables internal service and business operations teams to provide the most modern employee experience, through multiple channels, and save time for higher-value tasks along the way.

We’ve been focusing on three pillars:

  • Made to save time: We provide the fastest experience solving issues for your employees by giving superpower to your operation teams. Back automates repetitive questions for you, fetches data from integrations, and gives you an overview of your work.
  • Connected to your favorite apps: We support your company’s favorite communication channels so every employee can get help in an instant, without having to log in to another tool. And Back works closely with existing systems like your HRIS or internal knowledge base systems to connect the dots.
  • Designed for everyone: Back has been designed for use in and between HR, Finance, Legal, Workplace, Design and IT. It’s extremely easy to use, adapts to your processes and can be set up within minutes.

We weren’t in this alone

We built Back from the ground up working closely together with dozens of leading tech companies to make software that works for each teams’ workflow. We’ve seen teams using Back to route countless requests from Slack, replace chaotic shared inboxes with our intuitive overviews, decrease response times through our smart push notifications, automate repetitive questions to ease headcount growth and scattered knowledge, and to replace their old help desk to give transparency on the status of a request for colleagues — all with the same goal: to win back time.

We’d like to especially thank our early investors Point Nine (@chrija), Seedcamp (@SiaHouchangnia@rsohoni@cee), Philipp & Andy (@pmoe@andychung) for backing us in 2018 and believing in our mission to enable companies to focus on what they do best. We’re humbled to work with amazing people like you on this journey.

Today is a special day for us, as we’re looking forward to onboard new teams to re-imagine their employee experience and save time for what matters to them.

If you are interested in using Back, sign up here and follow us on Twitter.

We’re also hiring for some amazing opportunities, in Berlin.

— JamesChristian and the team

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