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4 of the best HRIS software options

4 of the best HRIS software options

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An HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, is a system organizations use to collect and store their employees’ data. The HRIS typically supports HR management activities like recruitment, learning & development, performance management, and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can choose the right HRIS software for your business and run through 4 of the best HRIS options currently on the market.

Choosing your HRIS software

There are tons of choices available when it comes to choosing your HRIS software. Some of the criteria you might look out for include:

  • Pricing
  • Implementation & maintenance
  • Scalability & adaptability
  • Development (i.e., is it future-proof?)
  • Reference customers
  • User interface (for admins)

We often hear companies bring up these additional points when they’re directly comparing two vendors:

  • HR data reporting – Does the HRIS provide easy, seamless reporting options?
  • Country-specific considerations – Perhaps a certain HRIS works for a certain country of operation in terms of labor laws, data privacy, integrations, etc. As a result, companies often have a different HRIS in each country because time savings are limited if you can’t apply local labor laws.
  • Complexity of company structure – Depending on how the company (and its data) is structured, certain HRIS options may work better. For example, a company that has different branches in different locations with frontline workers, in-office, and remote workers may need an HRIS that offers more flexibility.

Best HRIS software options

This list can serve as a starting point as you consider which HRIS software might be right for your team’s needs. In no particular order, some of the best HRIS options include:


Hibob aims to simplify people management and modernize the work experience for every employee with their HR platform, thereby driving engagement, culture, and productivity. The platform can be configured for the way you work – on-site, remote, or hybrid – and offers automated workflows and real-time quantifiable data.

Hibob is a relatively new player in the market and has learned from other vendors’ mistakes. They focus on building a system of engagement that people actually like to use.


  • Praised as one of the more intuitive HRIS options
  • Flexibility
  • Solid reporting function
  • Most people approve of the integration capabilities


  • Lack of personal support during onboarding 
  • More focused on hiring than employee engagement
  • In some cases, UX seems to be prioritized over functionality

Customers include:

Fiverr, Happy Socks,, Uala.


Hibob pricing is not provided on the website. Instead, custom pricing is available upon request. Free trials are also available.


BambooHR is the largest SaaS provider of HRIS and is a staple among SMEs in the US and beyond. Their cloud-based system is an all-in-one HR software covering all five pillars of people management: people data & analytics, hiring, onboarding, compensation, and culture.


  • Holistic and comprehensive approach to HR management
  • Open APIs with HR tech integration options
  • Mobile app for users
  • Easy-to-learn interface


  • More expensive than other vendors
  • Lacks benefit data in the mobile app
  • Extras like integrations can get expensive
  • Constrained reporting capabilities

Customers include:

99designs, FreshBooks, Wistia, ZipRecruiter.


BambooHR does not provide specific pricing on their website. Instead, custom pricing is available upon request. According to other sources, the Essentials package starts at $4.95 per employee / per month and the Advantage package starts at $8.25 per employee / per month. Free trials are also available.


Founded in Germany, Personio is the leading HR software among European SMEs and they recently expanded to the US market. Personio offers HR Software with automated processes, integrations, and data-driven insights. The software covers all core HR tasks, including personnel administration, payroll, and recruiting.


  • All-in-one tool for HR management
  • Good support throughout implementation
  • Tons of customizable features


  • Can take a bit longer to set up
  • Reporting can be inflexible
  • Many users report frequent bugs & glitches

Customers include:

Spendesk, Futurice, Mindful Chef, GoSpooky.


Personio has three pricing levels listed on their website, starting at €2,88 per employee / per month. Enterprise pricing is available upon request, and free trials are also available.


Workday is a cloud-based system for human resource management that assists businesses with workforce planning, analysis, and execution. Due to its scalability and customization options, most modern companies will move to Workday once they hit a certain size (i.e. a few thousand employees).


  • All-around solution
  • Comprehensive employee portal
  • Extremely customizable and scalable
  • Detailed reports and analytics


  • Takes a lot of time to implement and maintain
  • Navigation can be tricky
  • No live chat support
  • No free trial

Customers include:

AstraZeneca, Netflix, Target, Airbus.


Workday pricing is not provided on the website. Instead, custom pricing is available upon request. Free trials are not available.

Other HRIS vendors

In addition to our picks for the top four HRIS software options, here are some additional vendors you might look into using the criteria discussed earlier:


Paylocity offers cloud-based payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM) software with products across payroll, workforce management, HR, talent, benefits, and more.

Customers include Cloudreach, Avadian, and Weigel’s.


ADP is one of the mammoth companies on this list. They offer solutions across areas like payroll, time & attendance, talent, benefits & insurance, HR services & outsourcing, and more.

Customers include Amazon, Wesleyan University, Conair, and Pfizer.


UKG is an all-in-one HR solution with different products depending on the size of the business. Their system covers areas like HCM, workforce management, payroll, time & attendance, employee scheduling, and more.

UKG customers include the Miami Dolphins, Colorvision, Biltmore, and Servicon.


Ceridian offers cloud-based HCM software that combines real-time payroll, HR, time reporting, benefits, talent and workforce management in one “intelligent” system.

Customers include Danone, CorePower Yoga, Spirit Aerosystems, and the Houston Texans.


Namely’s platform offers solutions across HR, talent, benefits administration, payroll & time, compliance, and HR analytics.

Namely customers include Vita Coco, The Motley Fool, Wunderkind, and ExecOnline.


Sapling is a customizable HCM platform that helps companies automate all their HR processes, from onboarding through offboarding.

Customers include InVision, AngelList, Warby Parker, and Webflow.


Humaans is an HRIS employee management software that aims to streamline HR processes and automate administrative work. The system covers areas such as employee records, documents, company directories, time off tracking, and people analytics.

Humaans customers include Forbes, Pleo, Pento, and Unleashed.


Factorial HR helps companies automate HR processes, access up-to-date information at any time, and make better business decisions. They create tools to better manage any stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to training and payroll to feedback and culture.

Customers include Housefy, Camaloon, Fever, and Crisalix. 

For the employee experience: use Back

Whatever HRIS software you choose, it’s important to still optimize the employee experience. Your employees shouldn’t have to log into the HRIS for small tasks like checking their time off balance or requesting vacation. With Back, they can do this (and much more) directly from Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and email.

Back customers include Statista, Pleo, Netlify and many more fast-growing companies. To find out if Back is the right fit for you, book a personalized live demo.

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