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Back turns Microsoft Teams into an employee service center

Back turns Microsoft Teams into an employee service center

Today we have great news for companies looking to scale employee service in the Microsoft 365 suite. With the new integration between Back and Teams, employees get support where their day-to-day work takes place. Whether it’s a lost payslip, a question about return-to-office policies or a broken laptop – internal experts manage, track and solve requests without leaving Teams. 

Teams is on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of digital communication tools in the workplace. One of the winners of this trend is Teams, a communication and collaboration platform that comes with Microsoft 365 at no extra cost. With 91% of Fortune 100 companies using it, Teams is especially popular among large enterprises.

We’ve seen many organizations introduce Teams in addition to existing communication channels like Slack and email. You may have different teams preferring different tools. Or perhaps they’re cherry-picking their favorite features from each one.

For operations teams that get a lot of internal requests, that means they have to stay on top of another communication channel. Not with Back! Teams like HR, IT or Finance manage all requests in one clutter-free interface that’s optimized for productivity. No matter if employees are reaching out via Teams, Slack or email.

Always in the loop

Let’s take the employee perspective for a second. Imagine you’re starting to think about retirement planning and a coworker tells you about your employer’s retirement benefits. There’s no obvious place to find the information you need, so you turn to Back.

Requesting info from HR is as easy as shooting a direct message to Back or mentioning Back in a channel. A card inside private chat confirms your request and keeps you posted until the issue is solved. Whenever you want to check in on your request’s status and who’s working on it, just head to this card.

As you can see, Back is a great way for companies running on Teams to give employees a single point of contact. Gone are the times of sending people to a service portal that requires a separate log-in.

Everything in one place

If you’re working in an employee-facing role, you’re switching between different job-critical apps hundreds of times a day (1,100 times according to one study). The time spent on context switching adds up and makes it tricky to get into a state of flow.

By adding Back to your team’s tabs, you can delegate, prioritize and respond to questions from employees without ever leaving Teams. You can even manage your knowledge base and forms for all those repetitive questions and processes.

Back at your fingertips

You can pick the best business app in the world, but if people don’t use it, what’s the point? Say you’ve just introduced Back to your company. You’re sure that all employees will love how easy it is to get help. But somehow, some people still bombard you with direct messages as if Back didn’t exist. Rest assured, we make it easy for you to speed up user adoption.

One way to drive usage of Back is to encourage employees to pin the app to their sidebar in Teams. This way, Back stays top of mind, which can reduce the number of messages from unofficial channels.

Another benefit of highlighting this option to employees is that it sends a clear message: “Hey, we’re here for you. Whenever you need help with something, we’re one click away.” It’s an easy way to show your commitment to supporting employees, especially in uncertain times.

How to use Back with Teams

If you’re using Teams in your organization and would like to offer world-class employee service at scale, we’re happy to show you around Back.

Are you already using Back? Drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to help you get the most out of our integration with Microsoft Teams.

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